iliyon / up, up and away
Chaos of Trouble

Hello, I'm Tricia, a film student, and I've cut my hair short.
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Even the rotten things can be beautiful…



Misguided Ghosts
And we just go in circles…


A Song for Miss Flowers

I feel uncertain to the people surrounding me.
The weight of the things seems off balance.
Different perspectives leads to an argument
and I’m one of those who are broken.

Telling the lies that intertwines with the truth.
False hope and unfixed solutions.
Stabbed at the back with a knife dipped in poison
and I’m the girl who has spoken.

For how many times I’ve been warned but I never listened
to anyone. I should’ve run. I should’ve stayed away from the
fake, the jealous, and the killer.

Your never ending list of accusations,
The girl with all the wrong assumptions.
Hoping one day you’ll change and be a better person
but I guess you’ll still play the victim.


I’m still gonna call you a gecko even if you’re not a gecko.


The ghost of the past that keeps on haunting…